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NOW FEATURING four titles from The Feminist Press

Our three most recently added magazines:



In A Bit Contrived, we interview authors about books improvised during the course of the conversation.

Episode 2: Andrew Ladd (What Ends) talks about A First, Wincing Sip, with a cover designed by Devin Washburn.

Pixelated is the digital, lit-inclined, double-blind conversation series.

Episode 11: Robert Repino (Mort(e)) and Quintan Ana Wikswo (The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far) talk the subway’s magnetic field, metamorphosis and transmogrification, the editing process, letting go of stories, tedious turf conversations & more.

In The Art Of Commerce, we explore the intersection of lit and the market.

Episode 11: Sarah Weinman discusses literary estates, the Copyright Term Extension Act, Harper Lee, her average day, Amazon-Hachette, her favorite 2015 books so far, social media’s impact on her job & more.

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