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A new poetry title from Lazy Fascist Press:

The much-anticipated full-length poetry collection by the critically acclaimed author of Black CloudWitch Hunt delves into the terror and beauty that occurs when love, madness, and addiction collide.

New titles from Deep Vellum Press:

"A homecoming is by turns magical and brutal in Zhadan's impressive picaresque novel. . . . For Zhadan, loyalty and fraternity are the life-giving forces in this exhausted, fertile, near-anarchic corner of the country . . . readers will be touched by his devotion to a land of haunted beauty, 'high sky,' and 'black earth.'" — Publishers Weekly

 "Perhaps the best comparison is Valeria Luiselli's The Story of My Teeth—like that novel, it gives you the rare, head-scratching feeling of not being able to say what exactly makes it so good. Maybe it's the precision of the details—but you wouldn't expect any less from a mathematician, would you?" — Publishers Weekly (Best Summer Books 2016)

"Blurring the lines between fiction and memoir, Meruane’s first novel translated into English explores mortality, identity, and personal transformation...This is a penetrating autobiographical novel, and for English-Language readers this work serves as a stunning introduction to a remarkable author." — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"Thoroughly compelling and lyrical...The stories related throughout La Superba are attention-grabbing and entertaining, sometimes surreal, and at times downright grotesque. But while flirting with the obscene, the novel’s rawness also manages to strike a sympathetic chord." — Lindsay Semel, Asymptote

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