Technological advances in any art's medium should help the proliferation of independent, unconventional product.

But we're not quite sure this has happened. Despite the fact great lit is consistently being created, only a small portion makes it through the requisite channels to a larger readership. 

Our concept is to distribute digital literature that is truly independent, pro-author, green & above all, ambitious.

Alongside our books & magazines, we also feature conversation series. Though each differs in tone & tenor, they all have the same aim: to reconsider how we talk about books.

  • Thick Skin is an interview series with authors about negative reviews they've received—both by critics and (anonymous) readers
  • A Bit Contrived is a satirical, improvised author interview series, where the book in question is made up through the course of the conversation.
  • Pixelated matches two authors on a sort of chat blind date, with informality and candidness as the highest of virtues.
  • The Art of Commerce explores the more taboo subjects in literature: money, the market, transactions, how we buy and sell books.
  • Writers on Mental Health is a window into the real experiences of writers battling addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD & more. The series aims to remove taboo and romanticism from the conversation.

Our publishers get 100% of profits, retain full rights to the material & buck the trend, not follow it.

When we launched, we gave publishers 80% of profits—a figure that was unprecedented at the time. Against the normal rate of 50-75%, it stood out. But after our first year, and a bit of soul-searching, we're ready to move to the full 100%.

The reason is simple to say, but complicated to think about: it's fair. Because we sell all of our titles DRM-free, our fulfillment process is completely automated. Unlike a physical bookstore, we don't need someone to be there to sell you the book, and unlike (most) online bookstores, we don't need any proprietary technology to put it on your reading device. So what are we fundamentally doing, but providing book discovery? Well, nothing.

We believe in a digital landscape that allows publishers to reap the full benefits of the global, frictionless access the internet provides—and we're working every day to get there.

Read more about our decision.

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