To submit to 0s&1s Novelssend us an email with your manuscript in full (attached as a .doc or .docx).

We want novels that put priority on the material, not the market.

If you've shopped a manuscript, you know the mantras of today's industry: 'times are tough', 'editors can't afford to take risks' and 'the bottom line runs the show'. We feel that the state of publishing is a symptom of industry structure—not of the times. Writing, sharing and reading stories has never been easier.

It's commonplace for major publishing houses to treat books like Top Forty albums. Expenses include editors (rightfully paid for enhanced production value), substantial marketing budgets and signing bonuses to big name authors. Like in the music industry, cost structures like these work for some artists, but not for others.

We believe in unhandcuffing ourselves from the chain of literary agents, managers, excessive layers of editors, sales associates, publicists, marketers, distributors and retailers. Only then do we have the freedom to write novels that thrive outside the mold.

It's common practice for a publisher to ask which titles and authors a manuscript resembles. We pose the opposite question: How is your work different?

Interested? Let's talk.

If published under our label, you retain full rights of your manuscript and get 80% of profits—a figure we'd challenge any publishing house to match.