The Art of Commerce sits on the corner of literature & the marketplace, asking the age old question: Who's got the right of way?  

We talk with writers, editors & entrepreneurs about, really, anything. All conversations are 'manuscript-first', meaning they were typed as you see them. Small edits have been made for structure.

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Pixelatedthe digital, double-blind, lit-inclined author chat

A Bit Contrived, interviews with real authors about improvised books


Brick and Mortar, Part I:
Book Zoo—Oakland, California

Brick and Mortar consists of audio interviews taken during a cross-country road trip. Each one features a different bookstore owner, talking about their store, their life and everything in between.


Published 7/29/15
In the first installment of our Brick and Mortar subseries, I speak with Erik Lyngen at Book ZooErik is one of a kind, to be certain. In this interview he talks about the beginnings of Book Zoo, signs from Borges, being in another store's orbit, sex books, surviving & more.