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Does faith insist upon the spotless soul? Can intellectual integrity and an honest search for the holy in this world survive a collision with religious mania? Is heavenly forgiveness possible this side of the River Styx? In this boisterous, witty, manically paced novel, Maggie Prentice is resolved to find out, even if it costs her everything.

A true original, capable of brilliant verbal contortions, Maggie Prentice won’t give up. Haunted by her past, chafing under the tutelage of her born-again, cult-figure brother, coping with the double devils of alcoholism and disconnectedness, she is pursued by the Tanteek, an armchair prankster out of a Dylan song that incarnates her questions, uncertainties, and fears, and dogs her every move. In her wild, over-the-top, yet eerily familiar universe, Maggie is forced to confront life’s big questions – faith, fear, love and death — does life have meaning?

In this daring, intelligent, whip-smart debut novel, Jane Woods has created unforgettable characters that live in what might be an alternate reality. She has also written a captivating, deeply affective story that grabs the reader and won’t let go.

”Jane Woods has written a remarkable, unflinchingly frank and unapologetically affirmative first novel. She asks a big question — is there meaning in the universe — and finds, with humility and grace, that the answer is yes. Her characters are unforgettable, and her story deeply moving. Don’t miss out on what will be one of the great reading experiences of your life.” — Wayne Johnston, author of The Son of a Certain Woman

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