JONAS IN FRAMES by Chris Hutchinson

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Jonas In Frames—Cover.jpg

JONAS IN FRAMES by Chris Hutchinson


~38,000 WORDS
Goose Lane Editions

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Jonas in Frames is [choose one]: A) a series of loosely connected narrative fragments written in poetic prose; B) a maze of postcard stories bursting with literary in-jokes; C) a delicate sequence of prose poems interspersed with narrative interludes; or D) haunted by the ghost of Samuel Beckett.

In its esoteric glimpse into the disassociated, Jonas in Frames contorts time and space. Rootless, nostalgic, socially inept, Jonas is the modern questless hero, an exemplar of generational anxiety eternally on the brink of pitching into a graveyard spin.

A volatile amalgamation of identity crisis, fitful employment, and fanciful poetic imaginings delivers Jonas from sterile offices to anarchist squats, from skull-shattering saloons to faux-edgy hipstervilles and back again to capital-N Nowhere. As Jonas navigates an onslaught of geographical, mental, and temporal turbulence, his lives collide, splinter, and too often shatter.

"Imagine a twenty-first-century Frankenstein built from the corpses of John Berryman and Elizabeth Smart and jolted alive by an electricity that is uniquely Chris Hutchison. Now imagine this as a creature endowed with smart paranoia and queasy wit, who short-order-cooks, pill-pops, cubicle-hops and jump-cuts its way through parallel realities and past lives, other selves in other times — gradually facing “the impossibility of our research ever coming to an end” — and you’ve got the marvelous monster named Jonas in Frames." — Alayna Munce, author of When I Was Young and in My Prime

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