DEATH OF A LADIES' MAN by Christiana Spens

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Death of a Ladies' Man—Cover.jpg

DEATH OF A LADIES' MAN by Christiana Spens


~25,000 WORDS
3:AM Press

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Death of a Ladies’ Man follows the rise and fall of politician Adrian Lowe and the effects of that descent on those closest to him. 

From a debauched past as a student at Cambridge to greedy, shiny London in the late eighties with his wife, Adrian’s personal politics veer increasingly towards the anarchic even as his public life stays intact. But as that behaviour begins to destroy Adrian’s marriage, family, and unfortunate acquaintances, the personal becomes political, and his unlawful deeds turn to propaganda. 

Spens’ novella is a dark and satirical portrait of a man losing control in the public eye, and taking his loved ones with him. 

"Rich characters and a very grounded, real-world plot. Stylistically it delivers clean, sometimes stark and always measured prose, a narrative that stays close to the protagonists and takes it’s time without being long-winded - a pleasure to read... There is something tragic about this tale, but Spens is forgiving in her portrayal, giving us the ugly but also the softer side, the frailty beneath the cold, hard surface of things. After all, even the worst of us are only human." — Yann Rousselot, Margana 

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