VEINTE by Vincent Pagé

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Veinte Vincent Page.jpg

VEINTE by Vincent Pagé


34 Pages
Publisher: Vallum
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Veinte, by Vincent Pagé, is an inspired re-visioning of Pablo Neruda’s 1969book, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair—a re-organization of content to form new, incisive poems. Pagé writes with a strong energy boosted by Neruda’s backdrop, and creates a nostalgic collection of poems reflecting love’s passages. A powerful voice, addictive in its sincerity.

“my talk sealed your bright mouth,
a sound does not reach me.

i hear you in stillness—things emerge
from things; a butterfly, a dream.” 

Vincent Pagé is a writer living in Toronto. He has work published in Event, The Malahat Review, Prism, Geist, The Feathertale Review, Plenitude, and the Mackinac, among other journals. He is currently at work on his first collection of poems.

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