UNDERCASTLE by Feliz Lucia Molina


UNDERCASTLE by Feliz Lucia Molina


112 Pages

Publisher: Magic Helicopter
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Part Valley strip mall heaven memoir, part encyclopedia of transistor feelings, part lonely caregiver, part philosopher pen pal, and so totally the book the 90s owe the world, Feliz Lucia Molina's genre scuzzing debut "povel" UNDERCASTLE is a deft and defiant A-B-Up-Down combo of curiosity and intimacy that chews up all our screens and heroes and fills our breath with glint.

"Really wonderful and important work. A great writer writing in the most contemporary of mediums."—Kenneth Goldsmith

"My address is these poems. It's amazing here! Dear Feliz, this is a love letter saying we're about to give your book the Pulitzer Prize without the committee's consent! Feliz Lucia Molina is the best kind of genius, she's a poet, she believes in our phoenix rising!"—CAConrad

"Feliz Molina's UNDERCASTLE examines our collective experiments in image and knowledge production, on the Internet and in 'real life.' As we navigate distance and intimacy in these unknown space-times, UNDERCASTLE develops a poetic and political epistemology of real and phantom limbs. With a tender and honest wit, this book gives verse to gendered, racialized, and nationalized bodies, their memories and meaning making. As Molina puts it, 'It's possible now to live in a world that doesn't exist. / Is this a relief or is it the Internet?"—Alli Warren

Feliz Lucia Molina was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. A Kundiman and MacDowell Colony Fellow, she holds a BA from Naropa University, an MFA from Brown University, and is a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School. She is an editor at Continent and lives in Los Angeles. UNDERCASTLE (Magic Helicopter Press, 2013) is her first book.

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