THE DRUNK SONNETS by Daniel Bailey

The Drunk Sonnets—Cover.jpg
The Drunk Sonnets—Cover.jpg

THE DRUNK SONNETS by Daniel Bailey


84 Pages

Publisher: Magic Helicopter
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The second edition of Daniel Bailey's intoxicated battle cry of a sonnet sequence. From forgiveness in a beehive to tiny banquets for retired janitors, Bailey's poems have been wept and clutched and dropped all over, but they will still be there in the morning when your heart catches a shake.

"This book is the result of an emo kid writing a few words then leaving the room to do something else, then a drunk old man walks in and says What is this goofy garbage, and he edits a few lines but agrees with others, then he leaves the room and a bored but insightful cat walks in with an electrical helmet on that transcribes its boredom onto the page, then it leaves and a man who has wronged many people and been wronged by many people walks in and tries to write what he feels but just sighs and some tears hit the page and the words blend and begin to like each other and finally a five-year-old version of Daniel Bailey walks in, the Midwest sadness embedded as deeply in him as his Kool-Aid moustache, and he puts his hands over the book and blesses it, right before running outside to see who is waiting to play with him and make up more awesome worlds than the one that currently holds his weight."—Sam Pink, author of I Am Going to Clone Myself Then Kill the Clone and Eat It

"This is poetry that grabs you by the shirt collar, sprays rank 80-proof emotion in your face, and makes you like it."—K. Silem Mohammad, author of Breathalyzer and Deer Head Nation

Daniel Bailey is also the author of HALLELUJAH, GIANT SPACE WOLF (Mammoth Editions, 2012) and THE DRUNK SONNETS (Magic Helicopter Press, 2013). He lives in Colorado and is from Muncie, Indiana.

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