RADIO WEATHER by Shoshanna Wingate

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RADIO WEATHER by Shoshanna Wingate


64 Pages

Publisher: Vehicule Press
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This collection of poems confronts the changing nature of life—how existence can switch gears with the speed of announced-for snow that turns abruptly to rain. The book runs the gauntlet of Shoshanna Wingate’s various roles—mother, wife, daughter—in taut, unsentimental, immaculately constructed poems that explore the tension between personal imperatives and fickle outside forces. Marked by a vision broad enough take in both a pigeon fancier neighbor and a murderer on death row, Wingate tracks the moments that—midstep, midway, midlife—alter us from who we might have been to who we are now.

“Clear-eyed, musical, deeply-considered and deeply-felt, Radio Weather contends with the inhospitable. Bringing both child and adult perspectives to bear, it calls to account both the living and the dead. Brilliantly-crafted and wise, occupying a provisional space that is both wary and compassionate, somewhere 'between what we didn't want and what we could afford,' these are poems of great psychological tension, poems for grown ups.”—Patrick Warner.

Shoshanna Wingate is a writer whose poetry and fiction have been published in the New Quarterly, the Fiddlehead, and Arc Poetry Magazine. She is the author of the poetry chapbook Homing Instinct, and is founding editor of the arts and culture journal Riddle Fence. She lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

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