NO OBJECT by Natalie Shapero

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NO OBJECT by Natalie Shapero


80 Pages

Publisher: Saturnalia Books
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“It is unbefitting to believe in ghosts, to believe what one reads,/what one writes,” writes Natalie Shapero in her mischievous debut collection. With sharp wit and relentless questioning, Shapero crafts poems a reader can, if not believe in, then trust—to level with us, to surprise us, and to stay with us long after we put the book down. No Object is a fast ride you will not easily forget

“Shapero fastens you in a roller coaster car that creeps up a rickety hill, zooms into an abyss, then flips upside down to deliver you safely, wanting to take the ride all over again.” — Denise Duhamel

NATALIE SHAPERO has worked as a civil rights lawyer and a teacher, and is currently a fellow with The Kenyon Review. Her poems have been published in Poetry, FIELD, The New Republic, and elsewhere.

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