GAZE by Marthe Reed


GAZE by Marthe Reed


90 Pages

Publisher: Black Radish Books
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In the de-stabilized intersection of fashion, the war on terror, and cultural constructions of the feminine, GAZE explores the resulting tensions in a series of dichotomies central to an increasingly isolate and adversarial condition: Christianity/Islam, ancient/modern, sacred/secular, sexuality/spirituality, feminism/fundamentalism, power/resistance, self/other. Rikki Ducornet says this about these intersections in GAZE: "In these moments the world is given breath, heat, and voice. All at once it approaches, and the beloved's unfettered body is revealed as the antidote to tyranny." What we see and what we fail to see are constantly juxtaposed, exposing a flawed desire to "become."

"'Too beautiful to articulate'--dressed, undressed, terrorized, and entrancing. These unveilings, these poems, how they haunt me. Riding Angela Carter on a poetry-horse, Reed hallucinates language with certain and dissolving rhythm. GAZE at them; go blind inside this mentalist's mind. Marthe Reed is unrelenting, unrelentingly kind."—Kate Bernheimer

Marthe Reed is the author of five books: Nights Reading (Lavender Ink), Pleth, a collaboration with j hastain (Unlikely Books), (em)bodied bliss (Moria Books), Gaze (Black Radish Books) and Tender Box, A Wunderkammer (Lavender Ink). She has published chapbooks as part of the Dusie Kollektiv, as well as with above/ground press and Shirt Pocket Press. Her collaborative chapbook thrown, text by j hastain with Reed's collages, won the 2013 Smoking Glue Gun contest and will appear in Spring 2015.

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