3 by Ted Greenwald


3 by Ted Greenwald


170 Pages

Publisher: Cuneiform Press
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Ted Greenwald’s 3 takes the mind in at least three different directions simultaneously, in hardboiled, richly detailed, well-made poems whose giddy wordplay, pantoum-like interweavings, and nimble jumpcuts create a sort of 21st-century Poet in New York. An inspired challenge and a delight.

— Ron Padgett

Though his poetry always bares the honest song of a fragmented accumulation, the float of our existence, here Ted reveals an exposition of tender, romantic suchness amidst rhythmic refrains classically structured and filled with sunlight and place, the vulnerable underbelly of his Arcadian being is unveiled.

— Nathanial Dorsky

Just read the fucking book.

— Tom Rawort

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