Paul Ryan magazine

Welcome to Paul Ryan, the forthcoming unofficial parody magazine of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, brought to you by the team who made The Neu Jorker. The initial funding for the print run came from a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter.

With Washington in the thrall of a cabal of idiots and crooks, Paul Ryan is an armada of judgments, jabs, and jokes in the one vehicle politicians fear most: a parody magazine.

More than just 192 pages about Paul Ryan, this is also a parody about magazines. We're satirizing every glossy you find in your mailbox, at your doctor's office, at CVS: Muscle mags. Fashion. Tabloids. Zines. Sports. In-flight magazines and alumni magazines and High Times, Vanity Fair, Boys' Life, TV Guide, Architectural Digest. The New Yorker.

Paul Ryan is a limited print run, shipping late October. Reserve your copy here:

Paul Ryan magazine (pre-order price only)

Paul Ryan comes from the hearts and minds of:

Andrew Lipstein, writer, founder of 0s&1s Reads, & dir. of comm. at Meural
& James Folta, writer and comedian, @jamesfolta

Contributors' credits include The New Yorker, The Onion, McSweeney's, Saturday Night Live, ClickHole, Letterman, Colbert, MTV, VICE, MAD Magazine, The Paris Review, a National Book Foundation 5 Under 35, Reductress, GQ, Esquire and more.

Press has included Daring Fireball, Shadow Proof, The Tusk and Magazine Parody.

Got something to say? Get in touch with a.i.lipstein [at] gmail [dot] com and jamesh.folta [at] gmail [dot] com.