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Pages (PDF): 160
Publisher: Crazyhorse
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Mark Jude Poirier, “Mentor”
Alex K. Hughes, “A Rearing Pact”
Patrick Ryan, “You Need Not Be Present to Win
Karin Lin-Greenberg, “Since Vincent Left
Kristen Iskandrian, “The Family at the End of the World”
Brandon Williams, “Squatters”
Kirsten Vail Aguilar, “Anything in Bones”


Jennifer M. Dean, “Sounding in Fog”
Daniel Groves, “Gossip: An Oral History
Sarah K. Lenz, “The Belly of Desire


Rick Bursky, “I’m Now Prepared for the New Exuberance”
Chelsea Wagenaar, “The Spinning Place
G.C. Waldrep, “My Ghost Fell against the Grove,” “Come to Your Garden, O Gardener”
Laurel Hunt, “You come back to me in 2017,” “Conversion”
Steven D. Schroeder, “Myths About the Death of the Frontier,” “Outside View of the Victory Festivities
Elizabeth Scanlon, “Escapism,” “Waltzball,” “The Odds”
Adrian Blevins, “Little Elegy,” “Status Report”
Jennifer Givhan, “The Accusation”
Anne Barngrover, “If I Start Talking About It Now I Won’t Stop Hollering,” “Prudesville, USA”
John Repp, “Of Orlando, Letters of Credit & Glass Bottle-Making Machinery”
Monica Berlin, “Let the Day Make Its Own,” “Pressed Against These Days, & Against”
Bruce Bond, “Islands of the Arctic”
Giovanni Pascoli, “Plain and Hill” translated by Taije Silverman and Marina Della Putta Johnston
Sasha Pimentel, “Our First Year”
Emily Koehn, “Too Many”
Kathryn Nuernberger, “Poor Crow’s Got Too Much Fight To Live”
Jennifer Perrine, “The Students Have Asked Me to Be More Visibly Queer”
Martha Silano, “Spam Is Passing into Our Lives”
Lance Larsen, “Hurting the World at Different Speeds,” “The Wider You Tack, the Truer You Wander”
Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, “Meditation for the Lost and Found”
Allison Pitinii Davis, “In the Back of the Innkeeper’s Mind, the Keyrack”
Ryan Mattern, “Found in Azimuth,” “The New Bed
Kathleen Winter, “Queen Isabel on Watch Hill”
Toby Altman, “Theory of Tragedy”
Elizabeth Whittlesey, “Found Pioneer Letter”
Matt W. Miller, “High School Reunion”
John James, “Wunderkind”
Jehanne Dubrow, “From the Aberdeen Proving Ground”
Hadara Bar-Nadav, “Pill,” “Swan,”
Mark Wagenaar, “A Cairn of Fine Bones: A Plea”
Kasey Jueds, “A Separate Bird Each Time (Origami),” “The Hedge”
Matt Morton, “Loomings No Longer”


David Harrison, The Glow Road, Oil on canvas. 36″ x 34″. Courtesy of William Baczek Fine Arts.

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