IOWA REVIEW: Volume 43, Number 3 (Winter 2013/14)


IOWA REVIEW: Volume 43, Number 3 (Winter 2013/14)


Pages (PDF): 200
Publisher: Iowa Review
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In this issue: how the Shed Lady died, perfect wax hands, translucent honeymoon, fifty things about my mother, a mother becoming a bird, a bird renting a womb, a father-built playhouse, a father-gifted gun, dangling bulbs in stopgap towns, the body making room for our favorite ways, Kuwaiti latrines, and Who shoved Greg into the pool?


Brandi George | Lessons in Sacrifice | Two or More Daemon-Animals
Jerimee Bloemeke | Our Father Who Art in Heaven | Complete and Selected
Kim Sa-In | End of Mourning | Rainy Season | Springtime Sea | A Flower (translated by Brother Anthony of Taize and Susan Hwang)
Meredith Stricker | Hazardous Materials
Josh Kalscheur | Katari | The Final Place to Go
Cate Lycurgus | [I find every stopgap town]
Andrew Seguin | Notes from a Museum Guard | Apprentice
Colby Cedar Smith | To My Internal Cellist | The Roots Are Horizontal Ladders | A Pool of Colorful Koi | It's That Pop | I Want to Swing on That Swing Next to You
Kenzie Allen | Forensics | Pathology
Eric Weinstein | The History of Cardenio
Rebecca Lilly | The Orchardist | Abelon Graveyard | Hairy Old Man | Our Family Business | Uncle Lowry | The Water Goddess
L.S. Klatt | Suffused | Emergency on Waxed Paper
John Kinsella | Canola Anti-prayer
Martha Ronk | Drifts slid further off | Evidentiary | Illegibility
Ales Debeljak | Tightrope Walker | James Joyce Slept Here (translated by Brian Henry)


Jennifer Bowen Hicks | Old News, Unverified
Shannon Robinson | Birdie
Marc Berley | What Kind of Bird Are You?
Ronit Feinglass Plank | Rick's Wax Hands
Elise Winn | Honey Moon
Melina Kameric | Red Lace Lingerie (translated by Jennifer H. Zoble)
Katie Cotugno | The Shallow End


Laura Lynn Brown | Fifty Things about My Mother
Bruce Snider | Ammunition
Meghan Flaherty | Womb
Elizabeth Merritt Abbott | The Female Latrine
Garth Greenwell | A Valediction


Lee Konstantinou | Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge
Alan Wald | Jonathan Lethem's Dissident Gardens
Stephen Lovely | Jonathan Blum's Last Word


Colin Edgington | [Umbrae]

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