A Blue-Hued Howl 
by W. Adrian Plistienne
0s&1s Original
Cover art: Static Circel by Niklas-h
~56,000 words

In the middle of the country on an empty highway, Meg makes Adrian lose it for (what he thinks is) the last time. The two are driving from Boston to Spokane to escape a heinous act committed by Meg back home. As the car screeches to a halt, a diner appears. Inside, awaiting Adrian, is a trucker named Frank.

Frank starts telling the story of eight bears on Neptune. Adrian wants to be left alone, but can't help listen. There's something about the story that gets under his skin and confirms his wildest fear: the time has come to confront the nature of his reality.

A Blue-Hued Howl is the first and last novel by W. Adrian Plistienne (heteronym). He remains in Spokane, where he now works for the local police force.