IOWA REVIEW: Volume 44, Number 2 (Fall 2014)


IOWA REVIEW: Volume 44, Number 2 (Fall 2014)


Pages (PDF): 190
Publisher: Iowa Review
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Seahorses making new seahorses; being dissolved by a tree; a charming sixth-grader with an explosive temper; your parents at Coney Island before you were born; the trouble with knives; Hansel, Gretel, and a Witch like a wolf in well-meaning skin; first kisses and electrocution  


Shane McCrae | Community
Richard Deming | Speak at This
Margaret Reges | Joplin Tornado, May 2011
James Galvin | The Hunchback | On the Sadness of Wedding Dresses | Cinque Terre | Take as Needed for Pain | A Sunday Morning in Humboldt County, California, circa 1980
Soren Stockman | Apples
C.S. Giscombe | Early Evening
Rusty Morrison | Everyone Is Noah | Everyone Is Noah | Everyone Is Noah | Everyone Is Noah
Jessica Laser | Poem with Lies | Television
Nathaniel Mackey | Song of the Andoumboulou: 108
Dora Malech | The Aquarium | Working Order
Mark Wisniewski | To Bukowski, #44
Christopher Bakken | A Poem Not Written by Yannis Ritsos on the Day of My Birth
Stephen Burt | Gymnastics Stephanie | To the Naked Mole Rats at the National Zoo


Anna Maria Hong | from H & G
Joseph Fazio | The Girl through the Glass
Charles Johnson | The Weave
Mark Jude Poirier | All Is Not Lost
Doug Ramspeck | Bonjour Tristesse | Omphalotus Olearius
Lenore Myka | Day of Lasts
Delmore Schwartz | In Dreams Begin Responsibilities


Michael Meyer | The Photograph
Lia Purpura | Study with Crape Myrtle
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich | The Trouble with Knives
Tom Lutz | Notes from the Albanian Diaspora
Susan M. Stabile | Bestiary


Michael DeRell Hill | Entangled Freedom: An Interview with Charles Johnson


Kate Marshall | Eli Horowitz, Matthew Derby, and Kevin Moffett’s The Silent History
Alan Golding | Harryette Mullen’s Urban Tumbleweed: Notes from a Tanka Diary


Jayne Anne Phillips | The Wound of Consciousness: An Introduction to “In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”


Gentleman Scholar | Working Order

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