UNDER STORM'S WING by Helen Thomas

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UNDER STORM'S WING by Helen Thomas


320 Pages

Publisher: Lives and Letters
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Here is a portrait of the poet by his wife which has no equal, not even in Mary Shelley's sketches of her husband.New Statesman

Under Storm's Wing collects all that Helen Thomas (1877-1967) wrote about the poet Edward Thomas(1878-1917): the celebrated volumes As It Was and World Without End, her letters to Edward, and separate memoirs of her meetings with W.H. Davies, D.H.Lawrence, Ivor Gurney, Eleanor Farjeon, Robert Frost and W.H. Hudson. The book has been assembled by Myfanwy, the youngest daughter of Edward and Helen. Myfanwy includes her own enchanted account of childhood with her father, and the tragedy of his death at the Battle of Arras in 1917. She adds an appendix of six letters from Robert Frost to Edward Thomas.

Helen wrote As It Was, the story of her courtship and early marriage, shortly after Edward's death, and World Without End a few years later. In the original editions and later reprints fictitious names were used for the protagonists. In this edition the actual names are restored.

The book provides a brilliant, lasting evocation of one of Britain's best-loved poets.

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